Got questions about your a la carte course or access?

Great! We’ve got answers!

During your a la carte access period, you have access that regular guests do not. What you can access changes slightly over time.

As soon as you purchase the course, you can access

  • The a la carte section of the guest dashboard.
  • Tools & Calculators related to your course
  • The information pages for the live events listed in the course calendar on your dashboard
  • Live Website Tools & Help sessions held during your access period

Once your course begins, you’ll also be able to access

  • The course itself
  • The recordings of the live events listed in the course calendar, once those events have occurred
  • Any Weavers Toolbox entries mentioned in your course to which guests do not normally have access

This extended a la carte access ends at the end of your access period.

See the course calendar for the date on which your course begins and the date on which your access ends.

As soon as you purchase your course, you’ll be able to access the A la Carte section of the guest dashboard, the Draft Editor, and additional members-only tools and calculators associated with your course.

You won’t be able to access the course itself or any additional Weavers Toolbox entries connected to the course until the course begins. See the course calendar on your dashboard for that date.

Once your access period ends, you’ll lose the access to the course, the event recordings, and the rest of your extended A la Carte access. See the course calendar on your dashboard for that date.

Once the course goes live, simply click the picture or title of the course right on the dashboard.

You can also click the “Pick up where you left off” button to go straight to the first lesson you haven’t yet marked as Complete.

Advancing Twills begins on July 19, 2024. You’ll be able to access the course via your Dashboard as of that date.

If it’s before July 19, 2024, the course isn’t available yet.

If it’s July 19th or later, please contact us at for help!

You won’t!  You’ll retain your Guest status after the end of the A la Carte access period, and will have regular guest access.

See the Guest Dashboard Tour video accessible at the top of the guest dashboard for more information.

Click here to start your 7-day free trial! You’ll have seven days of full member access, during which you can cancel at any time. If you do decide to cancel, you’ll revert to guest status at the end of seven days and your card will not be charged.

If you’re happy with what you find, your credit card will be charged at the end of seven days and you’ll continue on as a full member for the remainder of your annual membership.

You’ll have full member access to everything on the site, including:

  • Dozens of in-depth, access-anytime classes
  • New courses released during your 7 days
  • Live lectures and Q&A sessions with Tien & Janet that are scheduled during your Trial
  • Powerful design tools to make creating quick and easy
  • The complete Weavers Toolbox full of tips and quick answers
  • Friendly forums and meetups with other weavers

Yes, but only those things you’ve created or posted.  You won’t be able to see responses.


Immediately following each event, the “Instant Replay” is posted, which contains the unedited YouTube video.

Within a few days, an edited video with chapters, CC, and transcript will be posted in place of the “instant replay”.

Event recordings are accessed from your guest dashboard.

To submit questions for a Q&A or Website Help session, visit that event’s page, where you’ll find a button labeled “Submit questions for next session.”

No!  Just click the Join button on the event’s page or from the link in the email reminder you’ll receive the day before each event.

There is no falling behind!  The entire course is available as soon as it’s published on the course start date (see the course calendar), so you can work through the course at the speed and on the schedule that works best for you.  

Access is set for eight weeks, which we believe will be plenty of time for you to work through all of the course content.

As you finish each lesson, click the “Mark Complete” button at the very bottom of the lesson page, below the course discussion. Lessons marked complete are checked off in the table of contents in the lesson sidebar and on the course overview page. 

You can also click the “Pick up where you left off” button to go straight to the first lesson you haven’t yet marked as Complete.

We sent an email when you purchased your a la carte course and will send more during the course. Some of the emails we send are transactional and related to your purchase. Others contain information about the course, including links to live events and suggestions for what to do each week. All of the actual course content is on the website (as are links to all events), so as long as you can log in, you can complete the entire course even if you aren’t receiving our emails.

If you’re not receiving the emails, make sure that your inbox isn’t full and be sure to add,, and to your list of safe senders, your whitelist, your contact list, or whatever method your email provider uses to identify senders from whom you want to receive email. The name of the list and the method of adding people to it will vary by email provider.

Yes!  Please contact within 14 days of your purchase to request a full refund.

Take a look at our full course catalog, or at our course roadmaps.  

If you decide to purchase a trial membership, all of the courses are available during the 7-day trial.

We enable live transcription during all live events and individual participants have the ability to turn on closed captioning on their end. This live transcript and captioning isn’t perfect – Zoom isn’t familiar with all our weaving lingo – but it’s pretty good!

Edited captioning is added to the polished event recording once it is available, and a full, edited transcript is also provided.

Use the Support link at the bottom of every page in the Academy, or email us at

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You’ll be taken to a page that lists every spot on the website where your keyword(s) are mentioned, organized by type: courses, lessons, blog posts, forum threads, help files, etc. From there you can click any link to see the related content. 

In order to search effectively, you need to pick a keyword that’s related to the subject of your search. If you want to find blog posts about floating selvages, for instance, the subject is “floating selvage,” not “blog post.”

Stick to singular versions of your keyword rather than plural most of the time: a keyword of selvage will find results that contain both “selvage” and “selvages,” but selvages won’t match anything that only has “selvage” without the ‘s’ at the end.

Keep in mind that the same word might be spelled in different ways – selvage and selvedge, dornick and dornik, etc.  

Add extra descriptors to narrow a search, or take them off to get more results. selvage will turn up results related to selvages of any kind, but floating selvage will narrow the results to only things that mention those two words together.

You can use the search button that’s always visible at the top of the page to search the entire site. It works just like this search field – except that you don’t even have to hit Return!

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